Telesur & Datasur: Your One-Stop Shop for Business Communication & Data Management

Unleash your business potential with a unified approach to communication & data management

Telesur, Suriname's leading telecommunications provider, and Datasur, its subsidiary specializing in data center services, have partnered to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower your business.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Reliable Infrastructure: Leverage Telesur's robust connectivity and Datasur's Tier 3 designed data center to ensure the security and uptime of your critical applications and data.
  • Tailored Solutions: Benefit from Datasur's sector-specific expertise. We offer customized solutions for finance, insurance, healthcare, government, and more, ensuring a perfect fit for your industry needs.
  • Disaster Recovery Expertise: Minimize downtime with Datasur's disaster recovery solutions. We ensure a swift recovery of your IT infrastructure in the event of an unexpected disruption.
  • Award-Winning Security: Trust your data to Datasur's ISO 27001 certified data center, guaranteeing the highest standards of information security.
  • Unparalleled Experience: Telesur's 40+ years of experience combined with Datasur's innovative approach ensures you receive cutting-edge solutions backed by a proven track record.

Don't settle for fragmented solutions. Partner with Telesur & Datasur for a holistic approach that takes your business communication and data management to the next level.


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Postpaid Mobile Connections

02 Postpaid 1080X1920 ZAKELIJKStay connected on the go with our reliable and feature-rich mobile connection plans

Fast and efficient communication is vital for your business.
With our postpaid mobile service you can stay in touch with your customers and business relations anytime, anywhere.

We offer bundle packages (voice and internet). This allows calls to be made to all Telesur connections, both fixed and mobile, to use the internet and to  send unlimited text messages to Telesur mobile numbers. There are also 2 voice only packages to choose from.

Connect your employees in a calling circle, within which calling between them is unlimited for a fixed rate per month.

You can also choose:

  • Postpaid Data-only: mobile data, specifically for an iPad, Tablet, Car-Fi, MiFi device.
  • Hybrid Data: Internet without overconsumption. If the data is used up in the month, you can choose to activate a hybrid data package.


  • Free evening calls from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. to mobile and landline numbers.
  • Free calls on weekends from Saturday 00:00 - Sunday 23:59 to mobile and landline numbers in combination with a data package.
  • Free SMS evenings daily from 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. to Telesur mobile in combination with a data package.
  • Postpaid and prepaid call for free and unlimited within the calling circle.
  • Prepaid packages can be kept.
  • Monthly data rollover for postpaid data plans: unused data rolls over to the next month, giving you a second chance to use it. 
  • Discount on a device based on contract periods
  • Real-time balance request via *133#

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Fixed Internet Services

Fixed Internet 15MEI2024Experience high-speed and reliable internet connectivity for your home or business with our fixed internet services.

We offer fast and stable Internet, with packages where the upload is equal to the download, with bandwidths from 20 Mbps up to and including 2 Gbps

The connection can be provided through various infrastructures:

  • Copper or Fiber optic infrastructure: with download internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps.
  • Wireless infrastructure: with download internet speeds of a minimum of 5Mb and a maximum of 20Mb.

For the time being, we deliver speeds up to 90/90 Mbps and higher on fiber optic connections.

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Data Connections 

Fixed Internet 1 15MEI2024Seamlessly transfer and access data with our fast and secure data connection solutions.

Private Network Cloud (PNC)

Securely connect multiple locations and streamline your internal communication with our private network cloud services.

Create your own private Business Network environment on our network.
This network can be set up according to your own preference and is completely safe and reliable, since it does not go through the internet.

You have full control over the data that is transported over the network and the option to determine the speed for each connection. The connections to the Private Network Cloud depend on the available infrastructure; connections above 50/50Mbps will be connected via fiber optic.


International Private Lease Lines

Establish dedicated and secure connections between your global offices with our international private lease lines.

An International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) functions as a private connection with an international provider.
The most common applications for IPLC are connecting a local network with a network abroad, often via a Point of Presence (POP) at an access provider.
With the changes that the Internet Protocol (IP) brought to the networking world, other technologies such as VPN and MPLS were developed to replace legacy networks.

This is a custom solution, in which the bandwidth is tailored to the needs of your business operations.

SIP Trunks


Optimize your communication infrastructure and reduce costs with our SIP trunking services.

SIP trunking is the new way to connect corporate IP-PBX systems to the public exchange of Telesur over a data or fiber optic connection.
Telesur's SIP Trunking service offers an extremely reliable connection, disaster recovery, fraud prevention and secure voice traffic. It is a Carrier Grade (CG) service and is delivered for connection to a VPN connection with a bandwidth adapted to the number of voice channels.




Modernize your phone system and enjoy advanced features with our Yeastar IP PBX services.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used in an organization. Users can communicate with each other over the phone through internal lines and also make and receive external calls. This is a custom solution, in which the hardware (and software) is tailored to the needs of your business.

PBX systems operate using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). With a PBX phone system, the physical phone line that enters your business can be split into multiple (internal) lines, allowing you to support more phone calls. Better yet, user-to-user conversations are free!

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Oil & Gas Submarine Services 

Ensure reliable and efficient communication for offshore operations with our specialized submarine services for the oil and gas industry.

For Oil & Gas Submarines, we provide the following services:

  • Beachman services for submarine cables
  • Landing station services for submarine cables
  • Redundant Terrestrial Networks with Nx 100G capacity
  • Commercial Power and Generator Backup availability on site
  • 24/7 NOC monitoring services
  • Fiber networks available locally with 3G/4G/5G services

We deliver a reliable connection with our state of the art submarine and terrestrial cable infrastructure. This is a custom solution, the hardware (and accompanying software) is tailored to your needs.   

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Phone: 473944 | 474242
Address: Heiligenweg 14, Paramaribo - Suriname
Website: www.telesur.sr
Email: oil.gas@telesur.sr 

Business hours
Monday - Friday 07:00u - 15:00u





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Data Center / Colocation Services

Data Center Colocation Services 14MEI2024Unleash Your Digital Potential with Our Cutting-Edge Data Center Solutions!

  1. Reliable Environment:
    • State-of-the-art facilities with 99.85% uptime and several other SLA (Service Level Agreements) metrics.
    • Redundant power, connectivity, security, and cooling for uninterrupted services.
  2. Seamless Scalability:
    • Flexible solutions for business growth through IT expansion.
    • On-demand resources for your changing needs.
    • Multiple local and international datacenter facilities.
  3. Security and Business Continuity Measures:
    • Robust physical security with 24/7 surveillance.
    • Advanced cybersecurity and business continuity services for data protection.
    • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 23001 (Business Continuity Management System) Certified.
  4. Cost Efficiency:
    • Reduce yearly IT Costs by at least 60%.
    • On-site Smart Hands are available 24/7.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 14MEI2024Cloud Computing: Where Performance Meets Precision!
  1. Ultimate Performance:
    • Dedicated virtualized resources for lightning-fast processing and data access.
    • Ideal for resource-intensive applications, hosted locally.
  2. Customization and Control:
    • Full root access for server configuration.
    • Tailor the environment to your specific business needs.
  3. Unmatched Flexibility:
    • Easily scale resources to accommodate business growth.
    • Pay-as-you-go models for cost-effectiveness.
  4. Around the clock on ground:
    • Our dedicated support team is available around the clock and in-person to address any concerns by keeping your operations running smoothly.

Embrace the power of our local cloud performance, revolutionizing your digital transformation journey!

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Domain, Web and Email Hosting

Domain Web Email Hosting 14Mei2024All-in-One Hosting Bliss: Your Website and Email, Simplified!

  1. All-In-One Solution:
    • Consolidate website and email hosting for convenience.
    • Streamlined management for web and communication.
  2. Custom Domain and Professional Email:
    • Establish a professional online presence.
    • Boost credibility with personalized email.
  3. Scalable Resources:
    • Choose plans aligned with business needs.
    • Flexible resource allocation for websites and email.
  4. Security and Business Continuity Measures:
    • Robust physical security with 24/7 surveillance.
    • Advanced cybersecurity and business continuity services for data protection.
    • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 23001 (Business Continuity Management System) Certified.

Consolidate, conquer, and thrive. Elevate your hosting experience today! 

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DATA Protection

DATA Protection 14MEI2024Anti DDos and Anti-Spam
Secure Your Online Assets with Cutting-Edge Anti-DDoS and Anti-Spam Solutions

  1. Robust Protection:
    • Ensure uninterrupted online operations with our advanced Anti-DDoS and Anti-Spam solutions, shielding your digital assets from disruptive attacks and spam threats.
  2. Seamless Integration:
    • Easily integrate our solutions into your existing infrastructure, with user-friendly interfaces and minimal setup requirements, for a hassle-free cybersecurity experience.
  3. Responsive Support:
    • Gain peace of mind with round-the-clock monitoring and support, offering quick responses and effective resolution of any security incidents or concerns.
Protect Your Business Today!

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Secure Your Business with Proactive Security as a Service (SECaaS)

  1. Advanced Threat Detection:
    • Stay ahead of emerging threats with our Security as a Service (SECaaS), featuring cutting-edge technologies and real-time monitoring to detect and neutralize cyber threats before they cause harm.
  2. Tailored Solutions:
    • Benefit from customizable security solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and regulatory requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection without unnecessary complexity.
  3. Expert Support and Guidance:
    • Access expert support and guidance from our dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals, available 24/7 to provide proactive assistance, incident response, and strategic advice to enhance your security posture.

Get Started Today and Safeguard Your Assets!

SSL Certification
SSL Certification: Fortify Your Digital Citadel!

  1. Fortify Your Digital Fortress:
    • Secure website and customer data with SSL encryption.
    • Peace of mind with protection from cyber threats.
  2. Boost Customer Trust:
    • Display the SSL padlock for trust assurance.
    • Increase customer confidence in your online presence.
  3. Seamless Integration:
    • Hassle-free SSL implementation process.
    • Instantly enhance website security without complexity.

Secure your online fortress. Elevate your digital security now!
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Web Development

Webdevelopment _14MEI2024Crafting Digital Masterpieces: Your Brand, Our Canvas!
  1. Visual Brilliance:
    • Elevate your brand with captivating designs.
    • Tailored layouts for a standout online presence.
  2. Customer-Centric Design:
    • Websites designed with the audience in mind.
    • User-friendly interfaces for an enjoyable journey.
  3. Anywhere, Anytime Access:
    • Responsive designs for various devices.
    • Mobile-friendly layouts for on-the-go access.
Transform your brand visually. Elevate your online presence now!

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ICT Consultancy

ICT Consultancy 14MEI2024Unlock your full Business potential with our Strategic ICT Consulting!

  1. Strategic Guidance:
    • Personalized guidance aligned with business goals.
    • Strategic planning for technology investments.
  2. Efficiency Unleashed:
    • Unlock the full potential of operations.
    • Productivity gains for elevated performance.
  3. Innovation at Your Fingertips:
    • Stay at the forefront of technological innovation.
    • Future-proof business with the latest advancements.

Efficiency, innovation, success. Empower your digital strategy today!

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Phone: 420909
Address:Peprepinweg 96b, Paramaribo - Suriname
Website: www.datasur.sr

Business hours
Monday - Friday 07:00u - 16:00u








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